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6 Creative Ways to Use Tiles

Tiles are an excellent flooring option that offers durability, style, low maintenance and resistance from scratches and stains. But, there is much more to tile boards other than flooring. Its utility is not confined to bathroom floors and kitchen backsplashes. You can make use of beautifully coloured and patterned tiles to create unique looks in different areas of your home. Today’s post discusses 6 unique and creative ways to use tile boards to spruce up your home décor. 1) Garden Pathway Constructing Read more [...]

5 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Carpets are an excellent way to style your home. They enhance the look of your decor and give a warm feel to your feet. Carpets are absorbent in nature, which makes them vulnerable to spills and stains. Cleaning carpets are very difficult if the wrong techniques are used. Using the wrong tools or methods can cause severe damage to your new carpet. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while cleaning your carpets. Delay in Cleaning Spills This is the common mistake committed by Read more [...]

Is Laminate Flooring a Good Choice for Your Bathroom?

Laminate flooring is an inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring. A lot of homeowners often choose laminates because it’s easy to install and maintain. However, when it comes to installing bathroom floors, there are certain factors to consider and possible problems to be mindful of. In this blog post, we’ll explore if laminate flooring is a good choice for most bathrooms. Things to Consider Before Buying  Before you buy flooring for your bathroom, you must investigate the condition Read more [...]

3 Affordable Flooring Options for Your Kids’ Playroom

For your kids, the playroom is one of the happiest indoor spaces. If you’re thinking about renovating your kids’ playroom or building a new one, you should start with selecting the best flooring option. The flooring should be soft and comfortable for their little feet. With resistance to wear and tear, it should prevent slipping. It should also be easy to clean and maintain. With so many flooring options available, choosing the right floor for your kids’ playroom can be overwhelming. Read more [...]

Top 5 Flooring Ideas for Your Covered Porch

A covered porch with a roof, fenced walls, and screens or large windows, offers protection from external elements. Unlike open porches, they require little effort to clean and maintain. It’s an excellent blend of indoor and outdoor space and a great addition to your home where you can hang out with your family and friends. As the porch is located on or near the exterior of the house, you need to choose a flooring option that’s stylish, comfortable and durable. Here are some flooring ideas Read more [...]

How to Maintain Indoor and Outdoor Wooden Staircases

A beautiful wooden staircase adds class and a unique style to your home. It’s also a good investment as it adds value if you ever decide to sell. However, wooden stairs although naturally durable, require more care than stairs made from other materials. So, if you’re thinking about installing a wooden staircase in your interior or exterior area, you must know how to maintain it. It’s only through proper maintenance that will keep it looking its best for a long time. Maintenance of Indoor Read more [...]

Should You Opt for Carpet Flooring in Your Bedroom?

Carpet is a popular choice for bedrooms as it comes in many styles, textures, designs and materials to choose from. It enhances the look of a room and beautifully complements the furniture and window treatments. However, carpet flooring isn’t the only flooring option. Like other types of flooring, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. The weight of these points will depend on your lifestyle, which is why you should read through this article and decide if carpet flooring is right for Read more [...]

Is Hardwood Flooring a Good Choice for Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is an important area of your home. Its where you cook, have meals with your family and enjoy parties. It has to endure heavy foot traffic, spills and repeated use. If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen floor, it’s important to choose a flooring option that’s both durable and pleasing to the eye.  Hardwood flooring is a trendy and reliable flooring option that you should consider for your kitchen. However, before opting for it, read on to find out if it’ll serve Read more [...]

5 Harmful Laminate Flooring Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Laminate flooring is an affordable, durable and low-maintenance alternative to hardwood flooring. However, improper cleaning techniques can very quickly damage the look of your floor. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid if you want your laminate floor to keep its shine. Mistake #1: You Use a Traditional Broom Dust your laminate flooring regularly, but using a traditional broom should be strictly avoided. It’s bristles can leave dust particles, streaks and scratches on the floor. Instead, Read more [...]

The 4 Best Types of Flooring Options for a Home Gym

A home gym is an incredible investment for anyone looking to get or stay fit, without having to deal with the problems of a public gym. It provides you with a comfortable environment to concentrate on your fitness without the distraction of other people. With the right accessories and flooring, it makes for an excellent addition to any home. Selecting gym equipment is relatively easy. Just pay a visit to any big commercial gym and select the brand of equipment you like. Choosing the right Read more [...]