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Getting Your Carpet Installation Right!

Carpets are objects of pride for most home owners and quite rightly so considering the amount of time, money and energy that go into buying one! However the beauty of carpets largely depend on the way they are installed and professional installation is best for top results. This makes it important for you to work closely with your retailer so that you are aware of the installation process and can look forward to a flawless one. We are sure that you would want your carpet to have seamless fits Read more [...]

Get Rid of Grape Juice Stains From Your Precious Carpet!

Carpets are precious and add a world of charm to wherever they are place. They are most of an asset that home owners invest in, that lasts a lifetime. Though costs of carpets vary depending on weave, thickness, color, tuft, design, etc., they need to be taken care of appropriately. Grape juice stains on carpets are pretty common and you may more than often find deep colored stains staring back at you! Grape juice stains are very bolshie and can ruin your carpet if not taken care of instantly! Though Read more [...]