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Why Adding Insulation to Your Floors Is a Good Idea

Adding insulation to your home provides many advantages. Under-floor insulation can help combine the existing insulation system and improve the functionality. It can also play a huge part in the energy efficiency of your entire home. That’s not all though. Here are some more reasons to add insulation to your floors. Soundproof Insulating the floors completes the insulation system throughout your home. This means your home will enjoy better soundproofing when the floors are insulated. Read more [...]

Preserve Your Hardwood Floors with Simple Maintenance Tricks

Hardwood as the name suggests is a direct advent of nature into the residential and commercial places. You will fall in love with its genuine shades and sturdy build-up. Absolutely unaltered hardwood floors can be put to use for long tenure. The solid wood flooring is meant to support. Being breathable, hardwood is vulnerable to change in atmospheric moisture. The wooden planks or strips will expand and contract with moisture imbalance and result in gapping. When you are defenceless against Read more [...]