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Questions to Ask Before Choosing Hardwood Flooring (Part II)

In our previous blog, we discussed a few questions you must ask before purchasing hardwood flooring for your home. In this blog, we’ll discuss some more questions to ask before making the final decision. Why should I think about my children and pets before choosing hardwood flooring? Pets and children can put a lot of stress on flooring. Your pet’s nails and your children dropping toys will eventually result in visual damage. Trimming your pets nails and placing an area rug can help Read more [...]

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Hardwood Flooring (Part I)

Choosing the right flooring is an important decision as it’s the foundation of your home. For most homeowners, it’s a difficult decision. What they don’t realise is that hardwood has many benefits. They’re easy to clean, extremely durable and beautiful to look at. However, they usually come in two varieties: engineered, which is a plywood with a layer of veneer on top and solid, which is completely made out of wood. Here’s some essential information you must know before making a final decision. Read more [...]

Is Hardwood Flooring a Good Choice for Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is an important area of your home. Its where you cook, have meals with your family and enjoy parties. It has to endure heavy foot traffic, spills and repeated use. If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen floor, it’s important to choose a flooring option that’s both durable and pleasing to the eye.  Hardwood flooring is a trendy and reliable flooring option that you should consider for your kitchen. However, before opting for it, read on to find out if it’ll serve Read more [...]

What You Need to Know about Oak Hardwood Flooring

Hard wood flooring is popular because of its incredible strength and natural elegance. Amongst the many natural wood varieties to choose from, oak is the most versatile. It has a wide array of styles and distinct patters to choose from. Even common species can still dazzle the eyes of your visitors. With that said however, here are several things about oak hardwood flooring to know before you begin installation. Facts about Oak Flooring Densely grained oak, rules the flooring market Read more [...]

Hardwood – High in Appeal & Rich in History

Hardwood is not a new entrant in the world of floorings. Presence of solid wood as flooring composition can be traced back to 1700s. The wood boards were gigantic, even reaching the length of 16 inches. Unlike present construction of homes, back in the 1700s and 1800s, there were no sub-floors. This was the reason for incorporating such huge wooden planks, so that the ends could be fixed to the joists. The concept of installing solid wood with tongue and groove method came into existence in the Read more [...]

How to Select Perfect Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Choosing the right floor is extremely important when you are buying a new house or upgrading the older one. You should not agree to settle for any old floor covering since the older the surface, the higher the possibility of getting damaged or cracked. Some types of flooring options include- hardwood, laminate, bamboo and vinyl based on the need of homeowner. If you are planning to purchase and install hardwood floors, then check out few things that will help you in making the commitment. • Read more [...]