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Deciding on the Perfect Area Rug for Your Home

Buying an area rug is not a daily affair. It can be quite difficult for a home owner to understand how to find the ultimate one. Many a times, homeowners get entrapped by spending their bucks in inferior quality area rug due to inadequate knowledge about the right material. However, before buying floor coverings, you need to consider four important questions that will enable you to choose the best option. Will area rugs be exposed to high or low traffic? Will they be exposed to considerable Read more [...]

Are Natural Fiber Area Rugs Good for Your Home?

Area rugs are made of a lot of materials. However, area rugs made of natural fibers are hands down winner when it comes to popularity with home owners. Most people are becoming more aware about protecting the environment and making eco-friendly lifestyle choices including everything that they put in their homes. Contrary to beliefs about the aesthetic appeal of rugs made from natural fibers, we need to think twice as they are as attractive and beautiful as their synthetic counterparts, if not more! Read more [...]

The Right Way to Choose Area Rugs!

Wooden floors are extremely enchanting but honestly look incomplete without a carpet or rug. Carpets look very formal while area rugs with an element of informality add immense style and sophistication to wherever they are placed. Rugs are an important component of every room and are much needed to complete the look of a well designed room. However, picking a rug may not be as easy as it sounds. There are several things that you need to think about when you choose one. Here’s how you can go about Read more [...]