6 Creative Ways to Use Tiles


Tiles are an excellent flooring option that offers durability, style, low maintenance and resistance from scratches and stains. But, there is much more to tile boards other than flooring. Its utility is not confined to bathroom floors and kitchen backsplashes. You can make use of beautifully coloured and patterned tiles to create unique looks in different areas of your home.

tiles flooring

Today’s post discusses 6 unique and creative ways to use tile boards to spruce up your home décor.

1) Garden Pathway

Constructing a garden pathway out of leftover tiles is the best way to use them. It will give your backyard an organized and polished look and enable you to walk through your garden without getting your shoes dirty. Since tiles are durable, they can easily withstand the changing weather conditions and give you a stylish outdoor pathway for years.

2) Fireplace

Are you bored of fireplaces made of old school stones and bricks? If so, then try replacing them with quirky, bright-coloured tiles. Surround your fireplace with some bold tiles to make the place pop. This addition will make your fireplace attractive and offer a modern look to the décor. If you want to create a simplistic look, then choose tiles in subtle colours such as ash grey with no patterns.

3) Inbuilt ‘Area Rug’

This is a creative take on the usual tile flooring. Instead of buying an area rug for your floors, create a design with contrasting tiles on your tile floors. For instance, if you’ve white tiles on your living room’s floor, then give a distinguished look by adding black and grey coloured tiles in a symmetrical pattern defined in a rectangular or square shape. This will give a boost to the décor and work as the focal point.

4) Accent Wall

Give a splash of creativity and design to your otherwise simple décor by adding an accent wall made of tiles. You can create an exciting contrast either in colours or textures. Choose the colour and pattern of your accent wall that complements the other three walls. This architectural feature will make the room look more spacious and increase its aesthetic value.

5) Outdoor Chess board

Do you want to create a fun playing area which is both stylish and functional? If so, then an outdoor chess board is the perfect way to do so (if your budget allows). All you need is black and white tile boards and chess pieces that are big in size. Lay black and white tiles in alternate patterns to create a chessboard and place the pieces accordingly.

6) Headboard

Bring life to your bedroom by adding tiles with intricate patterns to act as a headboard for your bed. This DIY project is easy and affordable compared to the buying headboards. Choose the tile boards that complement your décor and give a unique look to your bedroom.

Transform your home with these creative ways to use tile boards. They are not only a great flooring material, but also an excellent way to make your home more attractive. Try all of them and spruce up your home’s look.