Get Rid of Grape Juice Stains From Your Precious Carpet!


Carpets are precious and add a world of charm to wherever they are place. They are most of an asset that home owners invest in, that lasts a lifetime. Though costs of carpets vary depending on weave, thickness, color, tuft, design, etc., they need to be taken care of appropriately. Grape juice stains on carpets are pretty common and you may more than often find deep colored stains staring back at you! Grape juice stains are very bolshie and can ruin your carpet if not taken care of instantly! Though tough, but it is not impossible to clear your carpet of these stubborn marks off your carpet. Here we discuss how you can go about doing so!

Act Fast

You need to act as soon as you have noticed a stain on your carpet or rather as soon as a spillage occurs. The earlier you start with the cleaning process, the more at an advantage will you be, making it an easy task for you. Wet stains are easier to get rid of than dry stains that actually set well into the carpets in Mississauga. So the faster you act the closer will you be to success in clearing the carpet.


The first step in cleaning grape juice spills is blotting. Use a rag, cloth, or paper that blots and absorbs well. As soon as there is a spill, rush to the spot with any of these and try blotting the liquid. However, remember not to rub in too hard as by doing so you will be pushing the juice to the inner part of carpet fibers. So blot ONLY the surface to remove as much liquid as you can.

Clean the stain

After you have blotted away the initial spill, the next step is to go about cleaning the stain that it has left behind. You can clean the stain with a number of homemade solutions or off the shelf cleaning agents. However whatever you use, it is important that you conduct a patch test on a small portion of the carpet to check for adverse effects. Some homemade solutions that you can use are:

  • For a liquid dish detergent and warm water solution in which you mix one tablespoon of detergent in two cups of warm water. Apply this generously on stain and then blot well. Repeat a couple of times and then rinse well to finish off.
  • A liquid dish detergent combination with hydrogen peroxide also works well with one tablespoon detergent mixed in a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Apply this mixture on stain, blot and rinse for cleaning carpets in Mississauga.
  • Mixing one tablespoon ammonia with two cups of warm water is another effective solution with the cleaning process remaining same as mentioned above.
  • Commercial cleaning products are the ones that you but off the shelves from stores. These cleaning agents have detailed descriptions on the container that you need to follow meticulously for best results.

If none of these work for your grape juice stains, it would be ideal to hire professional help as they have all the latest products, techniques and knowhow for the purpose.