Laminate Flooring – Inspired by Nature


While nature bestows us with its bliss, it also limits their usability. Here, mankind has made use of reasoning to sidestep impediments and create better substitutions. Laminate flooring in one such instance of human creation inspired from the various textures of real wood.

Owners of residential and commercial places come across the tough decision to choose one from the given wide-array of flooring alternatives. When one can avail true brilliance of nature in the forms of solid and engineered wood flooring, then why would someone opt to invest in total artifice?

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What is Laminate Flooring?

It is multi-layered flooring, where each layer is comprised of artificial materials. The bottom layer acts as the backing and provides protection against moisture. It is followed by a high-density layer, strengthened to be more resistant to moisture and durable. The topmost layer is where high-resolution impression of wood is applied on a synthetic material.

How Laminate Flooring is Beneficial?

  • Ease of investment: Small or big; every home and office demands expensive renovation sooner or later. Unquestionably, hardwood’s allurement is unbeatable, but it is quite pricey. When you get constrained with monetary issues but want to augment your interior with solid wood; grab the option of laminate flooring. The topmost surface is the impeccable representation of real wood.
  • Structural stability: The concept of installing laminate flooring via multiple layers enhances its resilience to gapping. Dominantly being man-made, constituents of laminate flooring are resistant to moisture. Hence, there is no question of structural imbalance due to material expansion or contraction. You can install it in moist places as well like basements, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Alluring diversity: In laminate flooring, the technique is to replicate the true grace of wood onto artificial components. The patterns to be imprinted are accessible in varieties of texture and colour imitating appearance of Pecan, Maple, Pine, Cedar, Oak and Applewood.
  • Simple maintenance: The synthetic surface material has the inbuilt quality of being exceptionally resilient against scratches and stains. Thus, all you have to do is maintain the laminate floors with simple sweeping and mopping regularly.

The flooring is absolutely easy to install. The surface, on which it is meant to placed, should be perfectly levelled and cleaned before installation. The flooring planks or strips can be either snapped together with each other or glued down on the surface. Its advantageous feature to resist moisture prevents the growth of fine mildew and if maintained properly, laminated floors can stay firm for two decades.