Top Wooden Staircase Designs


Wooden staircases are a great addition to any home. They bring a variety of benefits, from imparting sophistication to increasing the value of your property. Although wood can be pricey, when used in staircases is an investment that can last a long time if you choose the right style and design.

wood staircases
If you’re planning on adding a wooden staircase to your home, this list of trending designs will help you choose the right option for you.

Wide Treads and Planks

If you live in a home that overlooks a garden, you might like this staircase style. A wooden staircase with wide treads and planks looks great if you have a glass wall or big window with a beautiful view.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman staircases fit vintage decorations. They have a wide final wooden step and are guarded by broad wooden panels that make a home look royal. This style is prevalent in old English architecture.

• Open Wood Rails

Your modern home will get a wow factor with the staircase that has open wood rails. This style is highly recommended by the interior designers and is in demand for long. The uniqueness of this staircase is that it doesn’t have any rails.

• Swirling Style

A swirling staircase can be a style statement in your home. They swirl down imparting the feel of a roller coaster. If you have kids, they will enjoy this staircase a lot.

• Traditional

Dark coloured wooden staircases uniquely made with broad and thin wooden rails are considered traditional. These are antique pieces that can beautify your home if you like classic décor.

• Sweeping Style

The slight curve of sweeping staircases adds a unique look to a home. If you have a spacious area, you should definitely try this style.

• Wooden Stairs with Steel Rails

If you like the combination of wood and steel, wooden stairs with steel rails are the right option for you. This style exhibits a contemporary look.

• Wooden steps

The wooden steps in this style are balanced on top of a platform covered with carpet. This rich and stylish option is most suitable for modern homes.

• Flyway Style

Bring adventure into your home with a flyway style staircase. In these stairs, wooden treads are perfectly balanced against white wood. If you want elegance in your home, this is worth a try.

• Wooden Planks and Glass Rails

In modern homes, wooden planks with glass rails can steal the show. Wood and glass make an elegant combination that is commonly used in condo flats.

• Pentagon Style

If your house is small, a pentagon style wooden staircase might be the best choice. It saves space and will fit in any home, thanks to its unusual shape similar to a pentagon.

Choose a style that suits your taste and current decoration. You can also seek expert guidance from us. Contact us and we will help select the best option for your home.